Classic Design Steak Knives

Classic Design Steak Knives: Why Wusthof Is the Best?

If you are planning teak or any serious piece of meat, you should also have the best knives for the job. Wusthof is the oldest manufacturer of knives in the world. The company has been in the knife making business for over two hundred years now. During that time, they have grown to become one of the most trusted suppliers of steak knives in the world. Their knives are known for the durability and reliability they bring to a table. In fact, most top chefs if not all use the Wusthof brand.

Why Chose Wusthof

Classic Design Steak KnivesThe reason to choose Wusthof is that nothing has changed in 200 hundred years. Since its founding, the company has remained in the same family for all those years. As a result, family secrets have been passed down from gentian to generation. Each generation has incorporated modern technology into their classic knives for all those years. The result is that one can expect consistent quality throughout.

How They are Made

The Wusthof knives are made using a classic style. The entire knife is forged from one piece of steel. The knife from the handle to the blade is all a single piece of metal. During the making process, it is heated to a certain degree then cooled down perfectly.

In addition, the process for sharpening the blade is unique. Originally, Wusthof sharpened their knives to an angle of 22 degrees. However, after the Japanese invasion in the knife industry, they change that to 14 degrees. This is a better angle, which makes for some very sharp knives.

Apart from that, the knives made by Wusthof have remained relatively unchanged. The handles o these knives are made of a synthetic material that feels similar to real wood. As a result, they are easy to grasp and use for cutting steak.

Why Choose Wusthof

Classic Design Steak KnivesOther Aspects of the knives are that all the knives are made the same. As a result, this ensures the knives have a consistent quality. However, modifications have to be made to the knives to produce various variations of the same knife.

An aspect that most people who purchase steak knives fail to consider are the balance of the knife. A good steak knife needs to have a perfect balance between the back and the front. This is an essential part in purchasing a knife. However, most people who purchase their knives online never get the chance to test this out. The result is that people fall for the hype and end up with a knife that feels uncomfortable when they use it.


Purchasing a steak knife is not something to be taken lightly. The right steak knife can make the process of cutting u the steak much easier. It is essential that one purchase the right tool for this job. This process should be relatively easy. The only way to be assured of getting a quality steak knife is to purchase a Wusthof. Their looks and their quality are unquestionable. They represent the best in knife making technology from Germany.