How to Find and Mend Tankless Water Heater Leakage

How to Find and Mend Tankless Water Heater Leakage?

Tankless water heaters are a great invention. Thy also happens to have many advantages over conventional water heaters. For one, they are always able to supply hot water on a moment’s notice. This is as opposed to other types of water heaters that only do so in intervals. They have also been known to help reduce people’s energy bill. Just like any other equipment, they may suffer the occasional leak. One needs to be able to find it before it gets any worse and causes the energy bill to shoot up.

Why to Repair a Leak

How to Find and Mend Tankless Water Heater Leakage A water heater leak may seem like a small issue. However, it can have serious consequences for the homeowner. For one, this leak can cause the floor to suffer irreparable damage. With time, wooden floors can become weaker and cave in if they are not taken care of. Secondly, a water leak could have serious health consequences. Mold tends to build up in dump paces. Some types of mold can be quite hazardous for the human body.

Is the Water Heater Leaking

How to Find and Mend Tankless Water Heater Leakage The first telltale sign of a leak is usually a puddle on the floor. However, not all puddles result from water leaks. One needs to be sure that the water heater is the source of the water. This is done by switching off the water heater and wiping the area dry. After that, one needs to investigate any nearby pipes and determine if they may be leaking. When one comes back later, they should be able to tell if water is still leaking in that area. If none is found, it might be an indication that there was no leak. It might t be just condensation. If the problem reappears, then the water heater is causing the issue.

How To Repair

How to Find and Mend Tankless Water Heater Leakage The source of the leak will usually be at the entry point or the exit point of the heater. In most cases, a wrench is all that one needs to repair a leak. In addition, one may need to use some plumbers tape to repair the leak.

Another cause of the leak may be too much pressure. In such a case, one needs to lower the temperature of the thermostat. It would also be advisable to descale the unit. In some cases, lime scale builds up can present problems with pressure. However, one should avoid using reverse osmosis in their unit. In most cases, descaling is necessary on a regular basis if one lives in a hard water area.

At times, not all these solutions may work. In such an instance, one needs to call the technician. In such an instance, it may be necessary to install a new unit. On should check to see if their warranty is still valid.


Repairing a leak is a relatively easy task. With a good wrench, one should be able to find the leak. However, the unit needs to be turned off during a repair. One also needs to ensure they are violating the terms of their warranty.