OSR Master’s program: Outcomes

Design and lead system-wide organizational change with confidence.

As an OSR Master’s graduate, you will be able to:

Improve performance — Light a fire by engaging the whole organizational system to clarify purpose and align resources toward a preferred and sustainable future.

Reframe “problem solving” — See the North star above the forest. Identify the key issues and dynamics of complex organizational systems and then intervene, “disturbing” the system to achieve desired results.

Design and lead change — Sense the way out of the maze by using ambiguity, tension, and chaos as resources.

Facilitate productive communication — Connect hearts by designing and leading effective meetings, contracting for clear and clean feedback, and working with conflict as energy to be aligned.

Develop collaboration — Help your organization sing as one choir, achieving results greater than the sum of the individual contributions.

Engage diverse perspectives — Create a collage of new meaning, growing an organization that is more adaptable, resilient, creative, and sustainable.

Build organizational culture — Infuse the air with a spirit that embraces individual and organizational learning, encouraging individuals to fully “show up” in their work with their mind, heart and body.

Contribute to a just and humane world — Be of service by appreciating, attending to, and ethically serving your own community and the world at large.

I admire the wholeness and integrity

“Each time I come to OSR I admire the wholeness and the integrity of this program. OSR keeps faith with the intellectual tradition of open systems thinking skills while honoring people’s aspirations for integrating mind, body, and spirit. To me this is education for the 21st Century. When people ask me about graduate education as the basis for a consulting career, I tell them to check out OSR first.” — Marvin Weisbord, author of Productive Workplaces and originator of Future Search

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