Which Toilet Design Is Suitable for Small Bathrooms

Which Toilet Design Is Suitable for Tiny House Bathrooms?

A small bathroom can feel compressed at times. However, this does not mean one can do nothing about it. There is a lot one can do to make their tiny bathroom feel bigger. In most cases, this will cost very little and they can be accomplished in a relatively short time. As a result, one does not need to take long breaks away from their house.

The Shape

Which Toilet Design Is Suitable for Small BathroomsToilet shapes paly a huge role in determining how comfortable a small bathroom will be. In some cases, the bathroom may seem small because of the shape of the toilet bowl. One should inspect their toilet bowl to determine the shape. If it has an elongated design, this can make the toilet very uncomfortable.

Round shaped toilets are the most comfortable in the world. In addition, they happen to fit perfectly in a small bathroom. As a result, one will have the feeling like there is more space if they do this. In addition, replacing a toilet has many advantages. For one, newer toilets have better water saving. This can help one reduce their water bill over time. In addition, a new toilet may have some extra features.

The Color and Light

Which Toilet Design Is Suitable for Small BathroomsColor and light affect how the bathroom looks and feels. In most cases, one should avoid bright colors for their toilet. The more it stands out, the smaller the bathroom will appear. One should use dull colors in their bathroom so that everything essentially looks the same. This is a great design idea for people who have tiny bathrooms.

Multiple Functions

In some places, people may install bidets. These are small toilet like bowls that are used as an alternative to tissue paper. For one, this means there is no need to create space for placing the toilet paper. As a result, the bathroom will be less squeezed. However, installing a bidet in a small bathroom presents a challenge. That is why designers have invented a toilet seat with an inbuilt bidet. This helps to ensure that there is less space used in the bathroom.

One Piece or Two Piece

Which Toilet Design Is Suitable for Small BathroomsA one-piece toilet occupies very little space. In addition, this type of toilet usually has a compact feel to it. As a result, it helps to make the bathroom seem bigger. It is important to note that they cost slightly more than other types of toilets. Apart from that, these types of toilets are quite easy to clean. This is a great design for people that like hygienic conditions.

The tow piece toilets take up a lot of space and is harder to clean. In addition, it is more prone to leaks due to all the joints that are in place. The only advantage it has is that it costs slightly less. This might seem like a great bargain at first, but it will take up a lot of space in a tiny bathroom.


A small bathroom does not have to be compressed. One may as well choose to use these designs to make it bigger. They are worth trying. In addition, they will not cost much and some might actually save money.